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product description

The disposable pipettes provided by gongdong are made of transparent polymer material polystyrene (GPPS), which is widely used in clinical and scientific research experiments such as tissue culture and bacteriology. It can minimize the adhesion of liquid on the wall of the tube and improve the accuracy of sampling; the hard two-way scale design meets the requirements of sample addition and subtraction, easy-to-read scales, and negative scales with extra capacity, which are convenient for liquid absorption and reading; The end of the tube is equipped with a filter plug that is imported from the United States to prevent back suction and overflow. Accurate measurement: the calibration rate of each capacity is controlled within ± 2%.

Widely used in tissue culture, bacteriology, clinical, scientific research and other fields. The tube body of GPPS material has the characteristics of high transparency, good chemical compatibility, etc .; a single independent package provides a capacity of 1ml / 2ml / 5ml / 10ml / 25ml / 50ml. Effectively avoid secondary liquid pollution. γ sterilized, individually packaged, tested free of pyrogens and endotoxins. There are clear scales on the tube wall for easy reading and operation. Color ring classification: yellow (1ml) / green (2ml) / blue (5ml) / orange (10ml) / red (25ml) / black (50ml);


Product features

  1. Made of polymer material polystyrene

  2. The tube body is smooth and transparent, with clear scale, easy to observe and read and operate

  3. Gamma ray sterilized, individually packaged, pyrogen-free, endotoxin-free


Product Usage

  1. Sterile transfer of biological fluids, etc.

  2. Tissue culture

  3. life sciences

  4. medical test

Item No.SpecificationQuantity(Pcs)Measurement(cm)
F1016-Ⅰ3ml Individual Packing250061×41×41


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