Ultra-pure pipette tips for special applications and sample processing

gongdong pipette tips work with most pipette brands, including Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorius (BioHit), Thermo (Finn), and VWR pipettes.

The gongdong tips are made of 100% polypropylene raw materials in a fully-automated cleanroom with a cleanliness level of 100,000, which is highly transparent and flexible, ensuring accurate liquid dispensing. To ensure absolute purity, no additives or dyes are used, and ISO 9001-compliant production processes eliminate all external sources of contamination.


Every detail is perfect-this basic idea is undoubtedly integrated into all our hand-held pipettes and matching consumable products. More than 30 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of liquid handling brings us award-winning product design, advanced manufacturing processes, optimized material selection and products, all for outstanding performance-to ensure what you need quality.


To obtain the industry-leading BioClean Ultra purity certification, gongdong pipette tips have been systematically tested for RNase, DNA, DNase, ATP, pyrogen, PCR inhibitors, trace substances, and trace organics.

gongdong has also been tested for proteins and proteases to increase the credibility of results in proteomics research. Each tip is also stable and contains no bioactive ingredients.


Sample preparation tips

PureSpeed is a convenient, low-cost way to purify biomolecules.

PureSpeed streamlines workflow

Rainin PureSpeed ™ protein tips greatly simplify the purification of antibodies and recombinant proteins. This innovative method ensures the highest concentration of purified protein, providing multiple options for downstream functional analysis.

PureSpeed protein tips provide a faster, more convenient and reliable purification process to obtain high concentration and purity of functional proteins. The result: increased productivity, reduced waste, and reduced risk.



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