Vacuum blood collection tubes should be promoted as soon as possible

At present, it is customary in clinical practice to use a single empty needle to collect blood and inject it into each test tube. If an anticoagulant is added to the tube, it must be mixed and then sent to the laboratory for inspection. However, there are sometimes insufficient or excessive blood collection, incorrect selection of anticoagulants, or clots occurring due to insufficient anticoagulants, which not only delays detection, but also causes inspection errors, and open blood test tubes can also cause pollution. One of the reasons for the error has caused unnecessary misleading and loss to the clinical and patients. For this reason, standardized vacuum blood collection tubes have been used for blood collection abroad, including the First Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu West China Medical University. Has been used and generally reflects well. It's time to promote it. The advantages are described below.


Accurate blood collection

Because it is a vacuum blood collection device, the air in the test tube has been drawn out according to the amount of blood you need, so the blood collection volume is very accurate, and there will never be more. If the anticoagulation tube used matches the amount of blood collected, it will not cause clot due to excessive blood collection.


Standardized blood collection

 The vacuum blood collection tube has plugs of different colors, and different colors represent different uses, such as red for biochemical serum tubes, purple-headed tubes for blood cell counting (with EDTA K already included), and test tubes with light blue lids contain citron The sodium solution can be used as a blood collection tube for blood coagulation test, etc. It is easy to see at a glance, and the color is in line with international standards. Its tube diameter is the same, and its length is different to represent different blood collection volume.



Good safety performance

The vacuum blood collection tube not only has rubber plugs of different colors, but also can be covered with a safety head cover of the same color, which effectively prevents medical staff from contacting blood samples during collection and transportation, and prevents hospital infection. In addition, the real blood collection tube is made of reinforced glass or special plastic, and the damage rate of the tube is extremely small. Even if it is freely dropped at a height of 2 meters, the blood sample will not overflow. The vacuum blood collection tube also ensures that the inner wall of the test tube is clean and sterile. 

Good separation of serum

Because the tube is preset with an inert separation gel, the serum is separated quickly and more. The vacuum blood collection tubes are coated with silicone to prevent blood cells from adhering to the wall. At the same time, it prevents the cell from being broken during centrifugation and spills the intracellular material into the serum, which affects the test results.

Easy-to-use multi-tube collection two-way needle

There are different types of blood collection needles to choose from. The needles on the other side of the two sides (the end piercing the vacuum blood collection tube) are covered with rubber sleeves. The venipuncture can collect multiple tubes to reduce the patient's pain, and it will not cause blood to overflow everywhere and cause psychological harm to the patient.

The above vacuum blood collection system is now supplied by foreign companies such as BD, and also produced by several companies such as CYTS Chuangge in China, and the price is slightly more expensive. Of course, you have to pay for every penny, and you should select it on the premise of ensuring quality. Do not blindly pursue cheapness without paying attention to quality, otherwise the above advantages cannot be guaranteed. It is hoped that hospital leaders in Sichuan Province and Chongqing attach great importance to this, which is also a standard for measuring the standardization of a hospital. As for the charge standard, it should be approved by the price department. Laboratory and clinical departments should strive for early use. I also hope to get the support of the nursing department.


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