Production is of paramount importance to Gongdong and to this end the company has undergone a great deal of expansion since its modest beginnings in 2012.

Purification injection workshop

Gongdong has two 9-meter-high warehouses which cover an area of 5,000 m2 with a total storage capacity of 60,000 m3. The two warehouses are divided into six core areas respectively for Vacuum tubes to ensure that the tubes are stored in a stable environment at a constant temperature EO sterilization and solution with five 20 m2 automatic sterilizers to meet client demand for sterile products Raw materials Final products Semi-finished products Hazardous chemicals Incoming quality control (IQC) and outgoing quality control (OQC) are performed at the same time in the warehouses with areas divided respectively for goods of satisfactory quality, goods to be inspected, and defective goods to ensure a consistent product quality. We adopt an ERP system for accounting to ensure the consistency between the account that recorded in the bin card and the actual amount of goods in the warehouses. We are gradually adopting a barcode inventory system to speed up the transmission of the inventory information. Therefore, we can have timely access to accurate inventory information. (Our warehouses are gradually shifting from the center of storage and stockpile management to that of circulation and distribution). Modes of transportation, transfer and storage are well planned according to the reasonable layout of the channels, the distribution of goods and the maximum stockpile height.

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Workshop

The vacuum blood collection tube workshop is specially designed to produce our branded vacuum blood collection tubes. Covering a GMP Grade D/Class 100,000 cleanroom of 5,000 m2, it is staffed with leading specialists and well-equipped with the most advanced machines, including two production lines of British-made machines. We attach great importance to technological innovation inputs, independent R&D, and technical advances. For example, we have constructed five Gongdong-developed production lines in recent years and thus greatly improved our production efficiency. By sequencing the production process through the ERP system, we have also established a lean production model and a total quality management system in the workshop to ensure that each batch of products are satisfactory with batch control records. Main Product Series 1.Serum Separator Tubes (SSTs) 2.EDTA Blood Collection Tubes 3.Plain Serum Tubes 4.Pro-coagulation Tubes 5.Micro Capillary Blood Collection Tubes 6.Sodium Citrate Coagulation Tubes 7.Sodium Citrate Anticoagulant Tubes 8.Plasma Separator Tubes with Lithium Heparin 9.Plasma Separator Tubes with Sodium Heparin 10.Heparin Separator Tubes 11.Glucose Tester Tubes

Vacuum Blood Collection System

Conventional Injection Molding Workshop

As Gongdong’s largest consumables workshop, the conventional injection molding workshop is well-equipped with 112 high precision injection molding machines, each assisted by the most suitable manipulator, two complete sets of Demag injection molding machines, two Nissei high-performance injection molding machines, a production line of stack mold for petri dishes, and five Haitian and HWAMDA high-speed injection molding machines. Supported by these sophisticated machines and multi-cavity molds, we manage to ensure a stable product quality, high efficiency and low labor costs. Main Product Series: 1.Lab Consumables 2.Medical Consumables

Dust-free Injection Molding Workshop

Classified as a GMP Grade D/Class 100,000 cleanroom, the dust-free injection molding workshop is staffed with specialized personnel for daily monitoring and maintenance to ensure that all operational indicators meet the standards. As one of Gongdong’s essential workshops, it is well-equipped with 28 high-precision injection molding machines, two production lines of Japan-made ASB one-step injection stretch blow molding machines, and high-precision welding machines imported from Germany, which enable efficient and high-precision production. Main Product Series: 1.Medicine Packaging 2.High-end Customized Reagent Instrument Consumables

Centrifugation Tube / Tube Rack Culture Plate Pipette