5ml, 10ml,15ml,50ml pp round bottom and graduated centrifuge tube

D1004 100pcs*10bags=1000pcs/carton

D1005 150pcs*10bags=1500pcs/carton

D1006 200pcs*10bags=2000pcs/carton

D1008 300pcs*10bags=3000pcs/carton

 1.  Micro Centrifuge Tubes 

 2.  perfect sealing and watertight 

 3. good quality and low price 

 4. professional factory 

 5. timely delivery

 6.Size: 5ml,,10ml,15ml,50ml ect.

 7.Material:Medical PP

 8.Color: Transparent,and With the scale

Item No.SpecificationQuantity(Pcs)Measurement(cm)

Foam racked package (Sterile)   a) Foam racks offer the convenience of oriented product presentation  b)Samples can be viewed without removing tubes from rack

Bulk packed package (Sterile & Non-sterile)

a) Transparent polyethylene bags are durable and protect the tubes well

b) All sterile tubes are packaged with caps attached while non-sterile


1. Flat-top cap 

a) Biologically inert, high density polyethylene provides a chemically resistant surface

b) Double threaded design to reduce cross-threading, easily opened and closed

c) Flat top facilitates top writing areas for sample identification

2. Plug-seal cap

a) Biologically inert, high density polypropylene provides a chemically resistant

b) Double threaded design to reduce cross-threading, easily opened and closed.

c) Autoclavable

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