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1985, Gongdong chemical plastic Labware plant (Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co,. Ltd.) was established in famous town of Mold - Huangyan. Huangyan, the outstanding capital and famous by its sweet tangerine,Its also the town of plasticware, It owns convenient land, sea and air transport, concentration of industrial advantages.
Thriving in this land, the Gongdong of trials and hardships people, put their own hard work and intelligence, and love of community and responsibility into every product, so that each product has a green hope.


1989, the gong dong laboratory-oriented areas of medical research and development of plastic products to meet 3 major categories in more than 100 varieties, the industry was at a very high quality of Recognition!


1995, the first step gong dong of the country, and foreign well-known enterprises to cooperate and then participate in a variety of frequent international exchange exhibition with the products.


2001, the gong dong system of the East took the lead through the ISO9002 certification and CE certification, become the first company with the industry through the international quality system certification of enterprises.


2002, Gongdong started to perform ERP systems for sale, supply, planning, production, storage and transportation, financial resources management, which made enterprise management to be more standardized and systematic.


2004, Gongdong investments 60 million RMB to build new factory which is according to GMP standards which is the strong back for future’s development .New facility created good environment,and help Gongdong stands on the new milestone.


2005, gongdong passed the examination of USA Food and Drug Administration with zero-defect. Successful FDA inspection, its symbol that gongdong has equiped with mature management system, established good image and status in the international market.


2007, Gongdong reached the first billion RMB sales and became the leader of medical supplies and laboratory supplies industry.


2008, Gongdong got many achievements of the vacuum blood tube , not only developed a variety of new products, but also got sevral patents declared on vacuum blood tube system.


2009, company name change for Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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