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It hasn been more than a half century for the development of quality manaement, from quality inspection , statistical quality control , total qualtiy management to today’s Six Sigma .For Gongdong , the aim of the qualtiy management is to ensure the product qualtiy and maximize satisfy with the customer requirement, in order to improve enterprise’s competitive power, which is the survival policy of Gongdong.
1. Higher Standards
Beginning with the highest requirements on the products , Gongdong takes the business enterprise development policy of “high efficiency,high quality developing with prosperity together” .Gongdong believes that developing and implementing the high standard quality policy , meeting with the market requirement is the only way to capture the leading position of the market.
2.Normative Management
Gongdong has more than 5,000 customers home and abroad. As like the customers in US, Japan and Europe countries, they all have their special requirements in quality management and different focal points on the products. “How can Gongdong do her best to meet with the different needs from every customer ? ”With this question, Gongdong choose the method of “Please come in ”, through the cooperation with many worldwide well-known American and Europe companies ,Gongdong has brought in the world advanced management concepts and Quality Inspection Standard , and in the meanwhile, created Gongdong’s unique Quality Management Systerm.
3.Rigorous Procedure
It’s not an easy task to make the quality control, from the product design ,production procedure to the end user stage , as long as there exists a slim careless , any aspect may be caused a problem. Therefore, Gongdong taks the overall management of quality management requirements , and put the professional QC people monitor at each step of the production course in order to find and solve the problems on site.
4.Complete Inspection Devices
Quality management is not only be directed by the standards, systerms and guiders, but also should be coped with the inspecion devices, which will reflect and make the implementation into full play. In order to provide the strong protection to the qualtiy inspecting, the 190 M2 of the product qualtiy inspection center has been built and equipped with Physical and Chemical Lab,Sealing Lab, 100 Net Clean Inspection Room, Measurement Room , and owns the high-precision instruments such as biological and chemical training series, UV spectrophotometer, digital electron detection instrument etc.

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