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As a production-oriented enterprise,Gondong has her own developing viewpoint . Gongdong staff insist on that an excellent production environment and normative production management are the bases and the important factors to support enterprise’s growth up goal achievement.
1. Excellent Hardware
Gongdong invested more than 60 million RMB to establish the new plant with the GMP standard requirement and put into operation at the end of 2004. 3000 M2 workshop , 2000 M2 net clean room and 5000 M2 warehouse have been built ,ensuring for the high quality products production, fast order delivey . In addition, Gongdong creats the vacuum blood tube automatic prodution line, as well as the hot runner technology and manipulator operation facilities , greatly enhance the production capacity.
2.Normative .Operation
To strengthen the production efficiency and quality , each production step will be taken in charge by the appointed people, those people must be responsible and co-ordinate for their divisions. The operators who are in the first line should obey the operation requirements strictly , and they can also get the necessary on site assistances from the workshop manager, technical support engineer ,quality monitoring specialist.
3.Workshop Innovation
Production Department will hold the prodution innovative competitions annually, such as the working models competition, packaging experts competition, warehouse Forklift competition etc. During this kind of friendly and harmonious games, Gongdong can absorb lots of technics and production improvements suggestions . Advocating the innovative atmosphere can enhance the productivity of Gongodng.
4.Fast Storage
Accordance with the GMP standard,Gongdong’s storage logistics center has been built and classified into divisions .All the goods are placed in perfect order , which can ensure then dispached quickly, smoothly, safely and efficiently.

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