F1023 96 deep-well plate,v bottom

Item NoSpecificationQuantity(pcs)Measurement(cm)
F102396 deep-well plate, v-bottom, polypropylene5050*33*26
F102596 tip comb for deep-well10052.5*33*28

Material: PP

Package: F1023 Individual packing 50pcs/case.

               F1025 Individual packing 100pcs/case

Product characteristics:

  1. Product features: widely used for high-throughput screening, nucleic acid extraction,Continuous dilution, etc.

  2. Made of medical-grade polypropylene (PP), no heat source plate bottom, side wall thickness

    Uniform, flat upper plate uniform, easy to seal, uniform aperture.

  3. According to SBS format production, stackable, easy to store.

  4. Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop

The product is made of medical grade PP with flatness of the upper surface being controllable within0.25mm and is easy for film sealing.Optional irradiation and ethylene oxide sterilization are available.